Bisque Traders, an Emporium of Global furniture, lighting, homewares and fashion.

We have been a family owned, importing company since the birth of Bisque, in the year 2000. Opening our first (tiny) retail store 5 years ago, formerly known as Brauerbirds, we quickly outgrew this space which lead us to the wonderful location you can now find us, thus creating and relaunching our current emporium, as Bisque Traders.

In conjunction with our global wares, we have a vast range of fashion labels, that encompass an understated, yet sophisticated aesthetic for the Global Woman.

We are situated in a beautiful old shed in the heart of the sleepy, yet sophisticated town of Bangalow, in the Byron Bay hinterland.

We travel the world to source furniture, lighting, and home wares, offering these products on both a wholesale and retail level.

We trust our customer to leave Bisque Traders feeling that they've been transported to the locations that we gathered inspiration from when creating our emporium.